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Spirituality is always present as the underlying theme in my artworks because the seeds of spirituality were sown in my childhood itself.

I am inclined to believe this is based on my experiences during visits to my maternal grandmother’s house in Varanasi. I remember my family travelling by train to the holiest of cities for Hindus. We were small children and didn’t know anything about the Philosophy of Life – leave alone the spiritual aspects of Life.

But in hindsight, I understand that devotion to Lord Shiva was imperative to touch one’s life in Kashi, as the holy city is also known.

According to Hindu mythology, Kashi is situated on the tip of Lord Shiva’s trident. It is said that Kashi is not on this earth! The holiest of rivers, Ganga emanates from the tied up hair of the Lord. The entire city is a pious place of worship of Lord Vishwanath, another name for Lord Shiva.

I remember visiting various temples, listening to the temple bells and witnessing the Hindu ceremony of worship. The smell of sandalwood and fragrant flowers used to permeate the atmosphere making the ambiance feel divine. There is magic in devotion that has the power to transform one’s personality and character into a noble, gentle, kind being, strong in virtues.

After all, the whole journey of human life is towards perfection and Nirvana and to merge with the Supreme Power to attain Moksha – freedom from the cycle of birth-rebirth.



Statue of Meditative Lord Shiva


You would be wondering what an artist who expresses herself through colors has to do with devotion towards Lord Shiva.

Being a poet and a philosopher from my early childhood, devotion towards the Divine had to become an integral part of my existence. So when I started painting on the canvas, the abstract form happened very obviously and naturally.

Respected art critics have told me that my style is universal and my art could be from anywhere in the world. This compliment gives me a lot of pleasure and a sense of achievement.

I was not born to follow others’ paths. I was born to be a path-breaker and torch-bearer on a journey to create something new and different.

That is of course the progress of art and aesthetics. I always listen to my Intuition and Higher Self and am guided by them.

My art is an inseparable part of my mind and soul and I’m never satisfied with my artwork until I feel I have projected the spirituality which Lord Shiva has graciously bestowed upon me.

It is a beautiful feeling that one’s art is blessed with the true creativity of the Meditative Lord Shiva.

Art is definitely meditation for me.


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