An awarded artist in Germany and Italy, I held my first solo show at Mustings Hus in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1989. Since then I have held 21 solo shows and participated in numerous Group Shows all over the world.

I have been featured in many electronic media of excellence & my exhibitions in the past have received favorable reviews in the columns of National & International newspapers, magazines & television.

Here I’m sharing some of the precious comments that my artworks have received over the years.


Kusum Shukla has travelled a long way since I first saw an exhibition of her paintings in Copenhagen over 10 years ago. She was then an upcoming painter combining housekeeping with painting portraits and landscapes. Since then she has evolved in to a whole time professional artist with a style uniquely her own. Although tending to be abstract, she is comprehensible. She has also retained the most precious of her earlier endowments – the gift of colours; every one of her canvasses is a rich riot of colours, very pleasing to the eye.

-Khushwant Singh, Noted Author & Commentator


The fascinating enchantment of iridescent colours depicting saga of life and giving a new dimension can be discovered in the paintings of Kusum Shukla. The fine way of using the abstract together with three dimensional strokes in fine texture quality definitely proves that art is not been as the handmaid of any theology or paratheology but as man’s reflections of his pursuing self-expression.

A notable feature of ‘Flowers’ in her works can be seen as a conscious attempt at directing the attention to reaffirmation of the temporal and fundamental structure of the beauty of life which is full of fragrance and colour. Kusum depicts this deep rooted  imitation of nature to expressional subjectivism with maturity.

-Shovana Narayan, Kathak Maestro


Kusum’s paintings are Abstract Expressionist – a pure form of art. It is thought provoking and creates a mood symbolizing the duality of nature like summer and winter, dark and light, or finally the positive and the negative.

Each stroke carries the philosophy of life, the three stages – childhood, adult to the helplessness of old age. And the artist in her composition creates (in dark colours) a depiction of the “Future and beyond” – which remains unknown.

Usha Prasad, Art Critic, National Museum Institute & National Gallery of Modern Art


Vibrant colors & great energy in these works.
Anjolie Ela Menon, Senior Artist


Exquisite works, sensitive and passionate, at the same time exuberant and contemplative. Fine handling of colors through the palette knife.

Ebrahim Alkazi, Art Heritage


…Paintings born out of Joy and the Almighty guiding your hand to transcribe what is meant to be there…
Kekoo Gandhy, Gallery Chemould


…Reflection of the artist’s dedication – Sadhna than a mere display of colours and mere fancy…
S. Ramkrishnan, D.G. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan


Colors dance in her paintings-extraordinary vibrations…
R.D. Pareek, Senior Artist, Portrait Specialist


KUSUM SHUKLA of Delhi, India has a signature style using multi-brushstrokes moving generally upward as seen in the special work called “Swaying Emotions”. The yellow, green, red and their mixtures help to convey the lightness and depth found in various emotions. The overall technique and small strokes keeps the idea of emotions in control.

 Lawrence Bradshaw, Curator, Professor of Art,  Upstream People Gallery


KUSUM SHUKLA’S canvases could be attributed to anywhere in the world.

Gargi Seth, Art Curator for Crossroads India and the World – A Friendship Through Art




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